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The Hypotheses
Hippopotamus and Rhinoceros

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Signed Copy £7.99 incl. postage (UK Only)

Join Hippopotamus and Rhinoceros in the science lab as they present ‘hypotheses’ about England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. But wait! Hippopotamus has a secret hypothesis that she’s about to share. It's so hair-raising that every living creature will stop and stare!


Hippopotamus and Rhinoceros are the utterly adorable creations of illustrator, Tracey O'Keefe, in this rhyming picture book that introduces UK geography and the basics of the scientific method.


This beautifully illustrated book:
★ puts England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales on the map
★ makes you do a little rap!
★ introduces 3 Welsh words
★ includes hippo and rhino facts
★ reveals a rhino revelation that could rock inter-mammal relations!
★ is guaranteed to make tired mummies laugh

Ideal for fans of Lauren Child's stories and anyone looking for something a wee bit different.

Available direct from me, from Amazon and most book sellers - just search for the title.

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