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Sue from Class Two
has a Problem with Poo

Sue from Class Two won’t use the SCHOOL TOILETS. After all, they really do smell worse than the bum of the stinkiest skunk. Sue’s classmates learn clever ways to do SECRET SCHOOL POOS. But Sue refuses. No, she just will not go. And later that week, her BUM STARTS TO GLOW.

Find out what happens to Sue in this hilarious rhyming picture book that cleverly encourages children to use school toilets.

£8.99 incl. postage (UK Only)
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‘Children can feel nervous using the toilet away from home, especially at school. This book uses humour to draw attention to the worries children may have and gives some excellent practical tips to make sure they go when they need to’.
ERIC, The Children’s Bowel & Bladder Charity

Perfect for children who:

Love books about poo/toilet humour

Dislike school toilets

Have mild toilet or poo anxiety

Are starting infant/junior/primary school

Enjoy funny books that rhyme

Need strategies to held them use school toilets and public washrooms

Read along with me...

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