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Victoria Smith

Children's Author

Hello & Welcome: Welcome

Hello & Welcome!

I'm Victoria Smith. The other side of 45.

Happily married to a Mr Smith. Mum to two humans and one cat.

I laugh loudly, loathe mushrooms and love playing squash and Padel tennis.

Having worked in vocational education for many years, I got really bored and wanted to do something more fun.

I craved a way to express my daft side...and this was the way!

 My debut charity book, 'Big H and Little h Dog', was written to raise awareness about the deadly disease Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) with 100% of profit being donated to Harrison's Fund. Since then I have published three more books - the latest being the hilarious (even if I do say so myself!) 'Sue from Class Two has a Problem with Poo'.

My stories will always include a dose of humour.

They will always aim to entertain both adult and child.

And they may be a tad off the wall!

Do keep in touch:

  • on Amazon - follow me here

  • on social media: @bongtreebooks.

  • sign-up on my website for the very occasional newsletter. 

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